Timiga Ikumajuq, My Body the Light Within

Target Audience

Students in grades 9-11. Teachers and assistants are welcome to participate as well.


This workshop was co-developed and is delivered jointly by the Qaggiavuut Society for the Performing Arts in Nunavut and the Qaujigiartiit Health Research Centre.

This is an Inuit performing arts, visual arts and storytelling workshop focusing on sexual health and healthy relationships.

This 1-day workshops to grade 9 to 11 high school students focusing on the use of Inuit performance arts, storytelling, and theatre to encourage youth to express themselves, particularly on the topic of sexual health and healthy relationships.

The goal is to have fun, develop skills in performance arts and storytelling, and give youth an opportunity to explore important aspects of their health and wellness.


  • These workshops are free for all students which is possible due to a grant from the Public Health Agency of Canada.

  • There is usually a maximum of 20 students per session, and we can deliver workshops to several groups 2-3 days in a row, depending on how many students are interested.