Research and Evaluation

Research and Knowledge Sharing – The priority area of focus for the Qaujigiartiit Health Research Centre is community-led research. We focus on the development, piloting and evaluation of interventions and programs developed from community perspectives to promote mental health and wellness among youth and families. All of our interventions are developed from the Inuit worldview and integrate Inuit knowledge and perspectives on health and well-being.

We have also been working on developing school-based health interventions that promote healthy foods, physical activity, creativity and expression, healthy relationships, positive mental health, and supportive relationships in the community.

We conduct primary research studies in Nunavut on topics identified by community members and territorial organizations, including but not limited to mental health; suicide; sexual health and relationships; historical trauma; attachment; food security; maternal-child health and infant mortality; healthy homes and communicable disease; Inuit perspectives on health ethics, knowledge transfer, and shared medical decision-making;, Inuit knowledge theory and applications to health research. We specialize in arts-based research methods for projects involving youth and are at the cutting edge of public health research in Canada in this field.

Our work has been published in peer-reviewed publications and national and international conferences. The research projects at Qaujigiartiit are leading the way in northern health research. Most importantly, because we are Nunavummiut, the data and information collected stays in Nunavut, and communities own their own data and decide how it will be used.