Nunavut Child Health Surveillance Registry

Primary Health Care
July 27, 2013


Surveillance is an important part of public health in Canada. Health surveillance programs allow us to better understand chronic conditions, including how and why they develop.  Currently, British Colombia, Alberta, and Nova Scotia collect information about pregnancies, births, deaths and birth defects. 


Although most children in Nunavut are born healthy, some children are born with birth defects and low birth weight. The Nunavut Child Health Surveillance Registry aims to gather information about parents before pregnancy and about the mother and the child after birth. This information will help us to better understand the factors contributing to and supporting child health in Nunavut.


This information gathered through the surveillance program will be used by local Inuit groups, including health care providers to better develop public health programs to prevent childhood chronic conditions. 


Qaujigiartiit plays a role within this project by supporting community participation in the advisory committee that is developing the Nunavut Child Health Surveillance Registry and determining how the information will be used.  For more information, please contact Gwen Healey at