Our Research Model

Piliriqatigiinniq Partnership Model for Community Health Research

The Piliriqatigiinniq Partnership Model for Community Health Research was developed by Qaujigiartiit in the formative years of the Centre. It was created in response to a community-identified need for health research that explores the topics of concern to Nunavummiut and is collected, analyzed and disseminated in a holistic and collaborative way.

The Qaujigiartiit Health Research Centre promotes the notion that research can be used as a tool for action – that when one understands the scope and breadth of the issue, one is better- equipped to move forward and take action on it. The Model is built upon the principle that anyone and everyone can be involved in health research in some capacity, as multi- disciplinary collaboration strengthens research projects; contributes added perspective to data analysis; and contributes to greater dissemination and implementation of findings across sectors.

Our multi-disciplinary Piliriqatiginniiq approach a) contributes to the strengthening of capacity in Nunavut across multiple sectors; b) reinforces our vision for health and wellness research that acknowledges the importance of western science models, Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit, and other ways of knowing in understanding and addressing health concerns of Nunavummiut; c) contributes to the generation of meaningful knowledge and ultimately helps us move toward our overall vision to work toward happy, healthy Nunavut communities.

The Piliriqatigiinniq Model is used as a guide that is followed for the development of every health research project that is implemented at the Qaujigiartiit Health Research Centre. While there may not be a representative from every sector involved in every project, the Model reminds us to look beyond the scope of what is defined as ‘health’ and ‘research’ to include knowledge holders and stakeholders from other disciplines and walks of life.