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Inunnguiniq Parenting Program

Many Nunavummiut have talked about the need for parenting support programs in our communities. In response to that need, the Qaujigiartiit Health Research Centre (QHRC)  researched and developed the Inunnguiniq Parenting Program in 2009, with partners and colleagues across Nunavut. It is based on the childrearing advice of the Elders Advisory Committee which meets in Arviat 3 to 4 times a year. The Inunnguiniq  program was made in Nunavut, by Nunavummiut, for Nunavummiut.

We created, piloted and evaluated a culturally relevant parenting support program that addressed the needs and interests expressed by parents in our communities, including:

  • Roles of parents in raising and guiding children and reflection on colonial policies which impacted families in the North
  • Rebuild the cole of of extended family and community in child-rearing
  • Importance of the land in our lives and wellness
  • Stages of child development
  • Inuit perspectives on child-rearing and family relationships
  • Inuit naming and kinships
  • Heart-centred approach to childrearing
  • Revitalizing Inuit stories and recognizing the power of story in our lives and in the lives of children
  • Practicing and adopting positive life habits and role modelling
  • Practical life skills grounded in Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit
  • Relationships communication skills for spouses, family, and children
  • Setting expectations for children and ourselves
  • Budgeting 
  • Exploring ourselves and our actions through reflection
  • Healthy eating and family nutrition


Facilitators for the program are provided with the following materials in English and Inuktitut: 

  • Inunnguiniq Curriculum book
  • Inunnguiniq Participant Handbook, which includes materials to be photocopied and handed out to parents to take home
  • Inunnguiniq Facilitator Guide, which includes relevant information for developing funding proposals to help continue delivering Inunnguiniq in your community
  • Inunnguiniq Child Development Pamphlet Series for prenatal to 18 years
  • Additional activities and resources, which are available at this link


Inunnguiniq program materials are available upon request.

Inunnguiniq Facilitator Training is delivered by Qaujigiartiit in English and Inuktitut periodically throughout the year. The training is 5 days/35-hours in length and trainees are presented with a certificate of completion. Please contact the Family Health Research Coordinator for more information about the training schedule at


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Lily Amagoalik

Family Health Research Coordinator

Qaujigiartiit Health Research Centre, Iqaluit

Lily, a registered nurse from Iqaluit, NU, brings to Qaujigiartiit a passion for working with parents . She is the project coordinator for the evidence-based Inunnguiniq Parenting Program for Nunavummiut, and the school-based Atii! Gameshow currently being piloted in Nunavut communities.

email :
Tel : 867.975.2523