Community Research Ethics

Since our inception in 2006, Qaujigiartiit has worked to identify Inuit and community perspectives on ethics in order to inform the work of the centre and to promote ethical practice in Nunavut from the perspective of Community members. We believe the principles of Inuuqatigitsiarniq (working in a respectful way with others) and Piitiarniq (to do good or be good) form the foundation of ethical research practice in Nunavut.


We have been working to form a northern health research ethics review board that would provide reviews of research protocol for northern health research projects that would not be eligible for review through a university or other institution. This is an on-going initiative.


We are also part of the Interagency Human Health Research Review Board, a tri-partite group of Nunavut organizations (Government of Nunavut Dept. of Health, Nunavut tunngavik Inc., and Qaujigiartiit Health Research Centre) that reviews and discusses health research proposals that are applying for research licenses in Nunavut, as well as topical items as they arise. This group has been meeting regularly since its formation in 2013. For more information or to become involved in any of the ethics-related work at Qaujigiartiit, please contact Gwen Healey, Executive and Scientific Director at 867-975-2476 or


Ethics Checklist

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